Royalty-Free Music

I recently built a page to advertise royalty-free music I've written. Aside from sales of the Starbound Orchestral OST, my primary income from music composition comes from licenses of my music for games, videos, and other projects. 

If you've already bought an OST (or gotten it with the preorder) and are still interested in supporting me as a composer, this is a great way to show your support and get great music for use in your projects-- whatever the size. (By using the links on my site to get to your content, you really help out-- in addition to getting 50% of your license fee, I also get a referral kickback for pointing you to AudioJungle).

Licenses come in two flavors: regular, and extended. Basically, regular licenses work well if you're doing something simple that isn't sold-- background music on YouTube videos, music for Twitch livestreams, etc. Extended licenses are great if you're looking to include the music in a product-- an iOS game, for example. 

If you use my music in one of your projects or videos, make sure to let me know! I'd love to promote them here.

Below are the most recent tracks. I have several in the review queue as well, which will be added to the list as they are approved.