Preview of WIP Starbound Cues

I've been working on a few cues inspired by the races in Starbound, starting with the Novakid and the Hylotl races. While I'm still finalizing each piece, I thought I'd post the most complete versions of each for the community, since so many people were asking.

Below are non-finalized versions of each. Please note, we haven't necessarily decided if/how/where/when these will be in the game, but at the very least, you can be assured I'm using these music materials for each of the races:

Novakid: "I was the Sun (Before it was Cool)"

(Thanks to Jon Dodson for the awesome title!):

Hylotl: "The Eternal Tide"

Hopefully the community enjoys these pieces-- I'm hoping to write at least 1 specific piece for each race to give them a theme and a musical style. They'll be written using a pretty standard orchestral instrumentation, and feature a unique melody for each race.