High Quality Music

All of my music is carefully and thoughtfully composed and produced using the highest-quality samples and software. Whether you need soft, ambient music or epic trailer music, I have a huge variety tracks that will meet your needs.

Many royalty-free libraries only offer files in lower-quality compressed formats. Every track I license is available as a broadcast quality 24/48 uncompressed WAV master. Of course, if you'd prefer a 320 Kbps MP3, a FLAC file, or an OGG version for use in games, those are available as well, simply check what formats you're interested in on the form below.

I now offer a streaming license for broadcasters on Twitch.tv, YouTube Live, and other streaming platforms-- one simple, blanket license for in-perpetuity use on-stream, no strings attached, and no annual fees required. 

Take a listen to some samples on the right, or choose from the more than 7-hours of licensable music from my master royalty-free library, and pick up a license today!


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