License Types

There are 4 license types:

  • Personal Use 
  • Streaming 
  • Commercial Use (Web) 
  • Commercial Use (Broadcast)
  • Commercial Use (Unlimited) 
  • Categories are defined as follows:

Personal use constitutes use on a personal project, video, or presentation that will have an audience of less than 25 people at time of use. This license does not cover web use (for example a YouTube or Vimeo video), but does cover use in marketing presentations or other contexts where the music will be used only once.

The Streaming License is a negotiable license for use of a song or library of songs on a streaming platform such as or Youtube Live. The license covers perpetual use on a single channel or account. 

Commercial Use (Web) constitutes use on a single video project to be used on YouTube, Vimeo, or equivalent web platform. The track may be used on a single video and is not to be broadcast on television or used in a film context. This license is good in perpetuity for that single use. (i.e., that single video is covered forever for web use). This license also covers use for projects or presentations that will use the music only once and have an audience greater than 25 people.

Commercial Use (Broadcast) constitutes use on a single video that will be broadcast on television. Like the Web license, the music may be used in perpetuity on that video as often as it is broadcast, but may not be used on a different video.

Commercial Use (Unlimited) Allows for unlimited use of the music on any project or video in any medium or market in perpetuity. Commercial Use (Unlimited) does NOT cover re-licensing of the track or selling of the track as a standalone product. This the only license that covers re-use of the track in future projects or videos.